Richard Nakata Attends Hypnosis Seminar in Las Vegas

 Sunday, June 24, 2007, Las Vegas, NV

Professional Magician Richard Nakata returns to Centennial, Colorado after spending four full days in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Masters Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar.  Mr. Nakata has traveled the world in his constant quest for the mysteries of magic.  His goal this adventure was to enhance his knowledge in the area of the Magical Mysteries of the Mind.

The Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar was founded and personally taught by world-famous stage hypnotists Jerry Valley, star performer on the QE2 cruise ship, several movies and featured on ABC’s award-winning television show “20/20” and Tommy Vee, New England’s Hypnotist extraordinaire, who is in great demand at colleges, fairs, cruises and corporate functions.  Featured guest speakers were Christina Kaya, professional actress, corporate motivational speaker and stage hypnotist performing in the United States and Canada and Alex Mitt, Professional Magician, Dendrographologist and Stage Hypnotist.  This teaching staff has over 100 combined years of entertainment experience.

The curriculum of attending lectures, conferences, shows, participating in demonstrations, hands-on training, supervised practices and complete instructions on performing stage hypnosis shows for large or small groups.

Asked if he met his goal of enhancing his knowledge in the Magical Mysteries of the Mind, he said, “Absolutely!  Master Hypnotist, Jerry Valley and his staff were very knowledgeable in this area!”  Mr. Nakata is now qualified as a certified, professional stage hypnotist and is available for Resorts, TV, Stage, Musical Variety, Fairs, Nightclubs, Corporate Functions, Colleges, high Schools and Cruise Ships.

For information or bookings:                                         Telephone:        303-779-4676
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