Who is Richard Nakata?

Richard Nakata is an award-winning magician who has been practicing the Art of Magic for over 50 years. He was born in Tokyo, Japan but came to the United States of America when he was very young. Most of Richard’s childhood was spent growing up in Aurora, Colorado.

Mr. Nakata’s father was also a magician known as, Ah-phooey! He was a comedy magician, specializing in rope magic. That’s probably why Richard likes rope magic so much. “I never did much rope magic until Pop passed away. It was my way of saying that I respected what he performed. We in the magic community need to do more of that. We need to recognize that as entertainers we need to be ourselves and not somebody else. Pop’s rope magic was his and I did not want to take away from his show.

Photo Courtesy Magic Moments by Mona Morrison

Now that Pop has passed on, I have incorporated his rope magic into my show. I do this to honor and respect him, so that his memory lives on.”

“I love the mystery and the spooky bizarre aspects of magic but I have found more importantly that magical entertainment needs to be family oriented and fun. If the audience is having a good time then that means that I am having a good time. Magical entertainment is a winner for everyone when everyone goes home feeling happy, with a smile on their face and they have had the chance to forget about their daily worries.”
To learn more about Richard Nakata view his Article in: "Magic Unity Might: The Society for American Magicans"



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